I am amazed at how time flies. You have to enjoy every day. The following quote is in my office: "Do what your passion is and you won't have to work one day in your life."
Once a year after the show I try to download new photo's on the website as well as news regarding the Kalahari Red industry.

I am speechless about how quick the years have passed by. The Kalahari Red breed is now a breed with many stud breeders and it is truly a beautiful goat. Congratulations to all the breeders who helped to improve the breed so fast. After the World Championship held in Lichtenburg, I once again realized what an achievement it was to improve the breed in only 16 years to what it is now. Our breed is not only productive, they are beautiful too. In general, the bonestructure of the breed improved a lot. We can still work on the hindquarters. Our numbers increases the whole time and there are still new breeders entering the market.
We are in a very exciting part of growth in the industry. After an article was published in the Farmers Weekly in January 2010, I had so many enquiries from people of Africa-countries who are interested in the Kalahari Reds. People from Zimbabwe, Zambia, Mozambique, Nigeria as well as Botswana contacted me. I think there is a big future in Africa for our goats.
Stud bucks used in stud previously:
The hard work, ethic and extreme dedication to quality and improvement which inspired Jordania Embryo and Live Export Centre to begin its quest is just what will keep it ahead of the field.  For many, many years to come. 
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Stud bucks used in stud currently:
Sold for R22000 to Manie Grobler
Sold for R15 000 To Andre van Wyk
Sold for R15 000 To Andre van Wyk
Sold for R22000 to Manie Grobler