Stud Nr: 187

The History

The History of the Jordania Embryo & Live Export Centre reflects the immense determination and foresight of Tollie Jordaan's forefathers. For without their hard work, there would have been no Boer Goat as we know it, and the ennobled breed of today would have been nothing more than a dream.  

In 1931 Mr. Tollie Jordaan Snr. began farming with Boer Goats. He was a member of one of the five Jordaan families, from the Swaershoek Valley in the Eastern Cape, who were responsible for the ennoblement of the Boer Goat breed. Their quest was to create the ideal Boer Goat. And ultimately, they achieved this aim. Their dedication to the improvement of the breed, as well as their long, hard hours of toil, paved the way for future generations of Jordaans.

Tollie Jordaan Snr was succeeded by his son Paul A Jordaan, who strove to maintain his father's Boer Goat standards and also to improve upon them. He in turn was succeeded by his son Tollie Jordaan Jnr, who is presently managing the Jordania Stud. In his expert hands, Jordania Embryo & Live Export Centre has made a name for itself by producing some of the best Boer Goats in the country.

The Present

Since 1931, a policy of strict selection for weight increase and the production of good red meat has been applied at Jordania.

Jordania selects for:


At Jordania, the emphasis is on using modern technology such as:
· Artificial insemination
· Laparoscopic A.I.
· Embryo transplants to ensure the most effective breeding selection and improvement.
They also employ internationally known embryologists. Only the best rams at Jordania are used to fertilise embryos for exportation.

International Experience
Jordania Embryo & Live Export Centre was the FIRST South African centre to export live Boer Goats and Dorper sheep to the USA and Malaysia. 
500 Boer Goats and Dorper sheep were exported to the USA in December 1994, and embryo's were also marketed in Canada.  In November 1994 80 Boer Goats and Dorper sheep were exported to Malaysia.
Farmers interested in importing Boer Goats or embryo's should buy only from the best breeders they can find.  Jordania has 63 years' experience in stud breeding.  Its high technology, dedicated workers and careful breeding ensure that its Boer Goat stock is of the highest quality achievable and best genetic material available.
Buyers of stock from Jordania can thus rest assured that they have purchased top quality breeding material - the best anywhere - collected from a government approved quarantine station and according to the protocol of the importing country.
The Boer Goat
The popularity of the Boer Goat today is due to its many attractive qualities:
Ø     Hardiness - survives easily in dry areas, rugged mountain regions and dense shrubbery.
Ø     Meat - the meat is tasty, tender, low in cholesterol and the Boer Goat has a slaughter weight of 50%.
Ø     Fertility and reproduction - kidding percentage up to 200% - lifespan of up to 10 years.
Ø     Excellent utilization of available grazing.
Ø     Disease resistant.
Ø     Requires less labour - production cost is low.
Ø     Fast growing and marketable at an early age.  
Male with the ability to perform on natural vegetation. His balance, structural correctness, muscle and mass make him an outstanding stud sire. He is an excellent breeder.

Winner of 6 tooth class at Somerset East Show

This buck has the look, what a head and neck attachment to a body of extreme length with a thick barrel.

East Cape Championships 2001: 
Champion 4 tooth buck.

Somerset East Show 2002: 
Reserve Grand Champion buck.
His correctness of legs, especially his hind quarters, hard muscle, thick barrel, excellent spring of ribs make him a must as a breeder.

East Cape Championships 2001: 
Champion 2 tooth buck as well as Senior & Grand Champion

Somerset East Show 2002: 
Grand Champion buck

East Cape Championships 2003: 
Grand Champion Buck
Junior (Son of Dikbus)
East Cape Championships 2003:
Junior Champion as well as Reserve Grand Champion
In 2004 we started a Kalahari Red Club and the Kalahari Red Breed was registered and we work together with the South African Boergoat Association and thus use a lot of their existing structures, like office, secretary, inspectors, etc. etc. and could thus show with them which triggered a huge interest in the Kalahari Red Breed.
We decided to go on with the boergoat breeding and keep the boergoat stud does on a separate farm, Buffelsfontein.  The Kalahari Reds are kept at Grootvlakte so they don’t mix at all.  And we decided to show less with the boergoats and to give more attention to the Kalahari Reds for show purposes, but if you are interested in boergoats, contact us.
The hard work, ethic and extreme dedication to quality and improvement which inspired Jordania Embryo and Live Export Centre to begin its quest is just what will keep it ahead of the field.  For many, many years to come. 
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For further information please contact:

Tollie Jordaan
PO Box 377
Somerset East 5850

Tel : +27 42 2432157
Fax: +27 24 2431715
Cell: 082 499 6609 (no cell reception on the farm)